Local Search Engine Optimization

Excel Digital Marketing has been helping local businesses, multi-location businesses improve their positions in the local search market, maximize brand awareness and gain revenue.

Local Search Engine Optimization is perfect for businesses

who rely on foot-traffic to generate revenue.

Searchers looking for local services and products are increasing day after day. But as online presence of local businesses goes up, so does the difficulty of standing out.

Local SEO is the key that will ultimately drive local customers to your location. Excel Digital Marketing in vaughan  can draw the proper strategy to help your business be seen by your local audience.

Google Maps For Your Business



Creating a baseline report of all your locations


Categorization, keywords, photos, placement, and amenities


Publishing social content within your Maps listing


Months of data across all locations

Keep Your Customers Happy

Over 80% of the time, a customer will visit your business within 24 hours of searching for directions.


    We’ll make sure that
  • Google prioritizes your listing
  • Your customers find you without frustration
  • Your listing contains all the right data to keep your customers happy


Google My Business optimization

Google My Business is the tool that will guarantee that your business listing is visible. Optimizing your profile properly will definitely provide useful information to Google, letting know where your address is. Detailed business information will contribute to relevance factor.

Ranking in Google Maps

To get listed high on local maps in your area, Google needs to be able to verify that your business is relevant to the search terms people are searching for. We’ll work towards getting you to the top three in the Local Maps in Google and others.

Business directories

We find the best local directories for your area and business, and work to build your local authority. This will give you the edge over competitors.

Consistent Data

One of google’s ranking factors is the NAP for your business. It will need to be consistent across all your platforms and directories so that Google doesn’t penalize you. Our team has the best tools to find listings with any out-dated names, addresses, or phone numbers, and we’ll do our best to correct or remove them to improve rankings.

Content Upgrades

We support you with making content edits that help increase your rankings, appeal to your local audience, and engage them in a way which invites them to take action.


Your local listing must match as much as possible with what someone is searching for. That is called relevance, and the best way to get Google understand your business is writing down a thorough business description.

Local SEO Services

All local businesses must have an online presence so that they can be found by the people who are searching for their products, services and locations.
If you’re not appearing anywhere online, or it’s very difficult to find you for all the important keywords in your business, you will constantly be losing potential customers every single month to your competitors who have great Local SEO – it’s time to get back in the game and take advantage of all the amazing local opportunities! It’s a gold mine, if you know how to take advantage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Excel Digital Marketing we believe in complete honesty and transparency in all that we do. Some of the questions we hear frequently are listed below, but don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email if yours isn’t listed here!

What is SEO?
SEO, or search engine optimization, when performed by a professional Vaughan Search Engine Optimization Company, is essentially optimizing your website in such a way that when people type in search terms relating to the products, services, or information you are offering on your website, Google displays your website high in their rankings.
Search engine optimization occurs when your placement occurs naturally, as opposed to paid advertising on Google or other search engines.
Why Do I Need To Have A Great SEO Strategy For My Business?
Whether you are a dental clinic, mortar store, an online store, or a service provider, you need people to find you online to get new business. Not many people are going to click to page 2 of Google and beyond when they are searching for something.
When proper SEO practices are implemented correctly, your site will rank well and stand out among your competition. This will have a direct impact on how many prospective customers contact you, and ultimately increase the amount of products or services you sell.
Google’s algorithm must know what your website is all about, and if you are not adding interesting and industry-related content on a regular basis, then you will not rank well on Google’s search engine. It’s not enough to have a website, if people have trouble finding. The less people visiting your website directly impacts the amount of people that contact you.
You have already spent a lot of time working on your website to make it the best it can be, accurately describing what products and services you offer. Don’t miss out on the most important part – making your website easily found and ranked by implementing strategies that will greatly improve your search engine ranking for the products and services you are selling!
When Can I Expect to See Results Once Vaughan SEO Company Begins Work?
When performing SEO services for Vaughan companies, we have seen results in as little as 2 months. However, for keywords with a high competition and multiple locations to rank in, it can take more time than that. Small businesses with specific services in one city are generally much easier and faster to improve rank for than say, a shoe retailer selling shoes that many other companies sell across the whole country.
Search engine optimization, even if performed by an experienced company, is a marathon. Current SEO trends are always changing so you need to keep up with them. Any person or company that tells you otherwise is not being truthful. There are many factors involved, including the current status of your search engine optimization, the status of your website and keywords used, how much competition you have, the strength of competition’s SEO, and more. Our Vaughan search engine optimization company will create strategies that will help grow your web traffic and search rankings, and ultimately revenue, very quickly.
So, in short, ranking your website at the top of page 1 of Google doesn’t happen overnight. Even if you follow best practices and write excellent engaging and unique content relevant to your industry, it can take Google’s algorithm some time to crawl your new page and catalog it where it believes it should be place. However, with any business or website page, results typically begin to happen within 3-6 months maximum.
The good news is that once you have a great SEO strategy in place and you do see results, it’s like money in the bank! Once you are ranked and placed well for your targeted search terms, you should stay there for the near future, especially if you keep modifying the page to add more compelling content on a regular basis. The link and your interesting content will result in clicks for a very long time!

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